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SWISSRAD | X-ray systems

Our high-quality SWISSRAD X-ray system line ranges from manual swivel bracket systems to motorized bucky table grid wall systems to veterinary systems.

CLAYRAD1 | X-ray generator

Our own SWISS MADE high-voltage X-ray generator CLAYRAD1 is available in a 50 kW or 65 kW version and clearly stands out from conventional generators with its compact design and intelligent service tool.

EASY RAY | Positioning aids

The patient positioning aids from the EASY RAY line round off our portfolio with high-quality products. They complete the SWISSRAD X-ray systems and enable ergonomic operation for the user.

VIEWORKS | Imaging software

The innovative solution from VIEWORKS combines acquisition, viewer and archiving. VX VUE convinces with the user-friendly interface and the easy-to-use viewer. The coordinated DICOM-compatible PACS software completes the system for archiving the X-ray images and can be used simultaneously on up to 10 workstations.

VIEWORKS | Detectors

Of course, the VIEWORKS imaging software also includes the appropriate detectors. The detectors of the VIVIX line are available as either built-in or removable WiFi versions.