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Create a new X-ray study

Enter the patient data manually or select the patient from a patient management system (e.g. DICOM) worklist.

  • Select body part from organ tree
  • Select the desired image from the configurable list of organs
  • Create a worklist for exposure
  • Receive procedure codes from HIS


  • Comprehensive integrated positioning guide
  • Preset exposure values
  • Automatic transfer of X-ray parameters to electronic X-ray journal
  • Direct control from X-ray generator

Certified diagnostic viewer during acquisition

  • Rotation, mirroring, brightness and contrast optimization
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Printing and image export


  • Scalable archive based on Windows or Linux
  • Unlimited number of archived files
  • Synchronization of different sites
  • Synchronization from mobile to stationary archives
  • Backup to external media, e.g. optical data storage
  • Server mirroring

EXIRO IPS as a complete system

EXIRO IPS as DICOM modality


Existing PACS infrastructure

Existing DICOM modality for image acquisition



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