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Digital imaging | Exiro IPS

The heart of the X-ray system is the software. The Exiro IPS solution combines acquisition, viewer and archiving. The innovative user interface enables easy operation. The software offers various interfaces to IT and device infrastructure.

DR retrofit solutions

To digitize an existing CR system, our DR retrofit solutions are just what you need. As soon as the system is to be upgraded further, our individual X-ray components are the solution.

X-ray systems | Exiro

Our Exiro complete systems are the uncomplicated total solutions. High-quality components and quality workmanship ensure the flawless operation and function of the systems. Simple and uncomplicated.

X-ray components

These are carrier units, X-ray couches or generators, we have the right X-ray components for every need.

Film development

Analog digital X-ray images with excellent image quality. Our CR solution is the cost-effective alternative to digital diagnostics.

Disinfection stand

The dispenser works with a touchless motion sensor and is 100% contact-free. Thanks to its simple and timeless design, it fits into any space.